Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Weekly Newsletter 5 - 10 January 2016

Saturday’s IPS saw the temperature gauge and the top three players all reflect 40. Ignored in the count out, however, it left Nigel Page first, Henk Brand second and Ramon Barlow third. Ronnie Engelbrecht and Brenton Marthinus were fourth and fifth, each on 39.   

Susan Alexander returned 20 points to win the Friday Sun Flamingo Niner. A count out on 19 points placed Ronnie Engelbrecht second, Colin Crowie third and Jaco Janse fourth. A further count out and a generous draw on 18 points placed Peter Salo the final prize winner.

John Lankester immediately opened with a six pointer on the 10th in Thursday’s KWV Powerplay Niner. 36 shots and 18 points later he completed the nine in just four over par to post a convincing 24 points.
Unable to stop he whipped around the second nine in a two over 38. (He put it all down to the new Belmont Golf Course).
A six pointer gave Susan Alexander the edge in the count on 19 points for second spot. Losing that count out and placed third was Kobus Strydom, his score achieved without any powerplay surge required.
From a powerplay prespective, outside of the prize winners, there were big sixes aplenty – Mike Vigne, Nico Ross, Hannes van Niekerk, Ant and Wedge Crozier each successful.

38 individual stableford points was comfortably enough for Bennie Claasen to take the Leons House of Liquor competition Wednesday afternoon. Attie van Niekerk was the runner up on 36 points with Johan Herselman the final prize winner on 35 points. 

Garth Lee collected another cap to add to his Cleveland Golf collection in the Super Six tournament played on Tuesday, his score 13 points. An exceptionally successful six hole competitor his head will be well covered whatever El Nino brings. Ricardo Joseph and Darian Fortune were second and third respectively, each on 11 points each.

This week the KGC offers the Super Six on Tuesday, the Darsha Insurance Brokers IPS on Wednesday, the KWV Powerplay Niner on Thursday and the Sun Flamingo Meat and Slots Niner along with the CTCS draw on Friday. On Saturday it is the first round of the Workwear Depot sponsored New Year’s Cup.

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