Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Day 4 of the 25th Castle Light Barney Barnato brought to you by MVD Kalahari

Today's winner of the fourth day of the 25th Castle Light Barney Barnato is Sadick Thomas on 40 points.
Helena Jansen was 2nd on 39 points.
Taliep Gallie was third on 39 points.

The leader of the Castle Light Order of merit is Helena Jansen on 105 points.

Helena Jansen leads the 2014 Castle Light Ladies Order of Merit after day 4 on 116 points.

Nearest to the pin prizes went to Rasheed Boughan(4), Robert Cooper(6), Jaco Jansen(11) and Shane Schonegevel(14)

The leading midweek visitor is Ruan Roets and the Leading Local Member is Helena Jansen.

Saddick Thomas(40 points) receives his price from Dave Wilson.

Helena Jansen was second in today's competition with 39 points.

Taliep Galie (39 points) was 3rd in today's competition

Ruan Roets, leading visitor receives his prize as leading visitor from Dave Wilson.

Helena Janse receives her prize as leading local member at midweek from Dave Wilson. Helena is also the leader on the Castle light order of merit and the ladies order of merit.

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